3/23/19 – Chicago – Kumiko

Now one of my favorite places in Chicago.  If you haven’t been, what are you waiting for?

eggplant – miso, lots of herbs and rice crackers

steam buns, berkshire pork belly, spicy pickles and an herb bouquet

tempura prawn – head mayonnaise, yuzu and mint

short rib – braised with pickled plum, puffed beef tendon and beef fat hollandaise

Loup de mer – grilled with bok choy, furikake and ponzu

japanese milk bread – fermented honey ice cream and perigord truffle

gianduja – crémeux with genmaicha, coconut and lime

3/2/19 – NYC – Wildair & Ko Bar

I miss Wildair so so much!!

“sicilian sashimi,” winter citrus

beef tartare, smoked cheddar, horseradish, brazil nuts

confit bacon toast, pickled pineapple, nduja butter

passion fruit, caramel, mille feuille

Ko Bar
back again!

pickle sandwich

scallop – celery, cucumber

fried chicken

2/16/19 – Bogota – Leo

I am still a bit conflicted about Leo.  This is a very interesting and educational experience and I would never otherwise have a chance to experience most of these ingredients and the beverages that were a part of the pairing.  There was a table next to me that did not want to even try some of the more exotic ingredients and they missed out.  However I didn’t find any of these dishes to be delicious and there was not one that I would choose to have again.  And there was more than one that I really struggled with which rarely had happened to me.  Perhaps go for the experience because it is one that you won’t otherwise have.

2/9/19 – LA – Destroyer & Trois Mec

Definitely my type of perfect breakfast/brunch.  The only thing possibly wrong with Destroyer is lack of alcohol.  Delicious and inventive.

spelt porridge, roasted mushrooms, poached egg, hazelnuts

beef tartare, smoked egg cream, pickled mushroom, radish sprouts

chicken confit, heirloom grits, spigarello, roasted strawberry

beets, pumpkin seed butter, frozen horseradish cream, blackberry

Trois Mec
It was great to finally get back to Trois Mec after too much time spent next door.

beets, miso mayonnaise, caviar, potato crumble

tofu, condiments, chicken skin

scallop tartar, yuzu kosho, celery and chive juice, toasted country bread

crispy brown rice risotto, uni, saffron, dried citrus

grilled bison sprouting broccoli, mustard, burnt eggplant

black truffle grilled cheese, charcoal ice cream, maple syrup

arugula panna cotta, yuzu granite, lemonade radish

2/8/19 – LA – Providence & Somni

A great spot for a civilized and delicious lunch in LA.


Mostly I am horrified that it is almost a year later and I haven’t been back to Somni yet.  I have been a huge fan of everything in the ThinkFood group for years and Somni is definitely my favorite even after flawless experiences at e and minibar.  Getting back there will be my first New Year’s resolution.