Tijuana – 6/29/17 – Mision 19 and Tacos El Franc

Mision 19
I don’t know what the typical dining scene is in Tijuana on a weekday but I was very surprised to almost have the entire restaurant to myself for lunch.  Javier Plascencia had a place right down the street from my new apartment but unfortunately it closed before I moved.  My lunch at Mision 19 was lovely as was the service and for a minute I really wasn’t sure where I was but I wouldn’t have guessed Tijuana.  If you find yourself in Baja California absolutely seek out one of Plascencia’s spots.

Tacos El Franc
I really hope that some of the rumors of Mexican taco spots moving north of the border come to fruition.  These were delicious and ridiculously cheap.

San Diego – 6/24/17 – Craft & Commerce

It is really nice when the place two weeks away has really solid cocktails and quite good food.  Sadly they are guilty of what has quickly become my biggest pet peeve in San Diego which is every bar asking for a credit card to open a tab.  I get it at a crowded bar.  But when I am a repeat customer and am clearly not running out on my check, it is completely inhospitable.  Sit at a table 6 inches away and of course you would never be asked for a card.  Is the threat of dashing and dining any different?  Why piss off guest who is sure to return?  And after having all of my credit cards stolen more times than I can even count I don’t want any out of my possession for hours at a time.  So what I am I to do?  Pay cash for my cocktail and each plate as I order them?  Tip prior to actually receiving any service?

beef tartar – capers, cornichons, red onion, chives, egg yolk, levain

crudite salad – arugula, radish, snap peas, fennel, green goddess dressing

San Diego – 6/22/17 – Juniper & Ivy 

This was my first visit to Juniper & Ivy as I put it off on my interview and apartment hunting trips fearing that I would be disappointment but what was supposed to be the best place in San Diego. Thankfully it is awesome and I have been back so many times in the last few months that eventually I will have to stop posting about it. The menu has since changed many times but this bbq carrot dish is still one of my favorites.

big trouble in little italy – bourbon, montenegro amaro, mint, lemon, peach bitters

bbq carrots, jalapeno chimichurri, peanuts, apricot

asparagus, soppressata, salmon roe, meyer lemon, crispy potatoes, cured egg yolk

beef tartare, fave hummus, pickled eggplant, beef tendon chicharron