Nashville – 3/1/18 – Henrietta Red

Henrietta Red lived up to very high expectations.  But ending with fancy jello shots….awesome.

beef tartare – castelvetrano olive, preserved meyer lemon, cured egg yolk, brioche

roasted root vegetable salad, parsnip, radish, baby beet, buttermilk, dill, sesame seed

wood roasted oysters, dill, mustard butter, thyme breadcrumb

red butter lettuce, whole grain mustard, toasted almond, pickled turnip, orange, castelvetrano olive

red snapper crudo, cara cara orange, horseradish tarragon, quinoa

cauliflower steak, cashew aillade, sweet potato, pickled pepper, salsa verde

farro risotto, celery root, mushrooms, pine nuts, parmesan, scarlet frill

wild striped bass, oyster mushroom, creamed kale, mustard emulsion


San Diego – 2/25/18 – Cala Cala x Vino Carta

Loved this installment of the pop-up dinners at Vino Carta.  It is fantastic to see how these continue to grow.

roasted & fermented vegetables, trout roe, brown rice, charred bread

live scallop crudo, lardo, XO sauce, seaweed oil, preserved citrus

eucalyptus smoked lamb & beef tartare, blackberry, jicama, pine nuts

grilled chicories, pork, calabrian chili, kohlrabi

yakitori quail, wheat berries, green garlic, meyer lemon, wild mustard

San Diego – 2/17/18 – Ceviche House

Somehow they were out of the first two wines we tried to order but it was only up-hill from there.  I could eat these dishes everyday.

La Paz – big eye tuna, cucumber, orange zest, ginger habanero salsa

shrimp aquachile, cucumber, red onion, radish, serrano, cilantro, lime

grilled octopus, green pipian, toasted sesame, radish

Yellowtail – morita & hibiscus coulis, cucumber slaw, seasonal fruit, crispy hibiscus flower

San Diego – 2/10/18 – Cucina Sorella

It was finally time to branch out from Cucina Urbana which has been a go-to for more years than I can remember.  As good as expected and the Big Table Farm pinot did not hurt.

pesto & piquillo pepper flatbread – zucchini, pecorino, arugula, ricotta

market chopped salad – kale, fennel, celery root, grape, ricotta salt, cashew, white balsamic

pumpkin & goat cheese & zatar & crudite

grilled sicilian meatballs – amatriciana, guanciale, grana padano